Why do I feel worse after infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are generally used for heat therapy because they replicate sunbathing and therefore can make you feel better.

Might not work, since infra-red is a longer wave than corresponds to deep tissues. Too close to but doesn’t penetrate deeply enough. Longer wave infra-red will only warm your body superficially, like when you are out in the sun after being in a cold room.

As mentioned above, infrared sauna therapy may have the advantage of bypassing some skin layers that would still be warmed by longer waves; however, if it does not reach the muscles (most notably quadriceps) these would feel “unfeeling” even though their temperature has increased. Hence, heat therapy does not necessarily imply that there is a sauna.

A typical home-use infrared sauna would be used for physical health because of the therapeutic effects on the body. The most common benefits include pain relief, improved blood circulation, detoxification, and relaxation. Many people report feeling cleaner after using an infrared sauna whether or not a sweat is produced.

In home use especially, the duration of heat exposure will have to be limited due to the risk of fire. The amount of heat energy in an infrared sauna is significantly less than that from a GHD or dryer and so long sessions are not recommended. It would also depend on how hot you can stand it. I usually turn on the GHD for 15 minutes and it is too hot to stand, though the pain is tolerable.

The infrared sauna is different in that as you get inside the temperature increases steadily and you have a timer so you can set it to heat up for 10-15 minutes or whatever time frame suits you best then stay inside for as long as you can stand it. Most of the time I sit in there for about 20 minutes and my body aches are gone by then, so I try and last a full 5 minutes without opening the door on account of sometimes when u open the door all your hard work goes to waste because it doesn’t get hot enough again for the whole thing to be effective.

Therapeutic effects of infrared saunas include relief from back and muscle pain, increased blood circulation, faster metabolism, weight loss, improved skin conditions and pain relief for patients suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia. This is all because the body releases endorphins while in an infrared sauna which are a natural painkiller.

Training programs in sports medicine have used infrared saunas and have found that they also help athletes recover faster from training sessions. Athletes can use an infrared sauna after training or a match to relieve the muscles of proteins, lactic acid and other metabolites. By relaxing the muscles (via lower core temperature) it provides a more restful sleep, reduces muscle soreness and increases flexibility.

Early studies have shown that infrared sauna therapy has the potential to be used in treatment of certain skin diseases such as psoriasis. The studies showed that symptoms were relieved or eliminated after only a few weeks of this type of treatment. Long-term use could lead to additional benefits.

Infrared saunas have been shown to minimize the symptoms of arthritic conditions and rheumatism; as well as reduce chronic pain from injuries that occurred years ago, such as a broken leg or an injury suffered in combat.

This treatment is also used for detoxification purposes, by removing toxins from the body including fat, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.

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