How to get to Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia. To meet up with Riga you can take either a train or airplane from Tartu, Tallinn, Vilnius or Warsaw. The European trains running through Riga are usually night trains, so travel by train and spend a few days exploring this beautiful country!

You could also get to Riga by taking an airplane flight to that airport. If you’re coming from Amsterdam, Brussels or Copenhagen then there are frequent flights in the evening for just about €70,- per person one way. Latvian carriers airBaltic and FlyBe connect all major European airports with Riga Airport on routes like London-Riga-Bucharest three times weekly; Copenhagen-London-Roda-Tallinn four times weekly; and Amsterdam-Riga-Moscow three times a week.

There is also the option to choose driving – the trip takes around 11 hours, including one break for some food or a cup of coffee on the road. There are roughly 526km from Tartu to Riga and it’s usually done in 7 hours. When visiting Riga consider visiting saunas in Riga as they are the best around.

For the fastest route from Tartu to Riga, go on E20 highway in Estonia (the road is called Järvamaa highway in Tartu region). In Latvia it becomes Daugavpils-Kraslava highway and goes further as A2 through Jūrmala and Ventspils to Riga. If you want to stop by the way, there are a few good places worth checking out: Gauja National Park , Vidzeme Upland (where Starptautiskais Bīskapsmežs is located), Jūrmala beach and Jurmala (a Latvian seaside resort town)

If you’re planning to go to Riga from Tartu by car, it’s a good idea to check the current road conditions in Latvia. It’s possible that due to some construction works along the route, your trip will be slower than expected.

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