How much weight can you lose wearing a sauna suit

Weight loss is highly individual. There are no conclusive studies that show a particular effect of sauna suits on weight loss, so there are varying reports on how much weight one can lose wearing a sauna suit.

Actual research on this subject would be impossible to come by due to the amount of variables in place over an extended period of time. One thing people who typically wear these suits do report is an increased sense of well-being and energy levels. Doing more exercise while wearing the suit

would most likely lead to greater results than just wearing it alone; but again, there still is not any definitive answer as far as having any measurable effect on weight loss in a certain span of time or not. It’s unlikely that someone could actually lose weight, according to all of the varying reports and research.

The only way one would lose weight is by using a sauna suit in conjunction with some other type of program that they already have going on; such as changing their diet or increasing activity level or something similar. You can go into a sauna wearing a sauna suit, but it won’t replace any other regular exercise one might be doing.

Sauna suits are designed to simply encourage sweat output and feeling as though you’re burning more calories. They do not burn fat in the sense that a conventional calorie restriction diet will.

There is very little scientific evidence of wearing a sauna suit will help you lose but if you will go to a real Riga sauna then you actually can lose weight.

weight. Experts recommend that you focus on a well-balanced diet and exercise routine.

Anti-obesity advocate Dr. Mehmet Oz has advocated sauna suits for weight loss, and so have several celebrities (such as Susan Sarandon, Robert Downey Jr., Gerard Butler, and Jessica Alba) who have publicly avowed their belief in the suit’s efficacy.

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