How much is an infrared sauna session

The typical InfraSauna session lasts for 60 minutes. It usually costs between $40-$100, though many treatments are dependent on facilities and practitioner rates in addition to the time. For more information, visit

In a study that surveyed InfraSaunas in 16 locations across North America, it was discovered that many of those same saunas were charging upwards of $60/hour for time between 20-90 minutes; this doesn’t leave much room for the customer to negotiate prices with these places! You can find many saunas on this page – Best Saunas in Riga

There is usually a sliding scale for fees depending on how long you want your appointment to be but it starts at approximately $40 per hour and goes up from there depending on what you want.

But you should know that the experience is well worth the money! After all, don’t most things usually cost more than your standard massage?

In terms of what they charge there is no set price but it can be anywhere from $40 an hour up to $150+ for a full treatment depending on how luxurious of a facility you go to and what kind of package they offer.

The majority of the time, patients will pay based on how long their appointment is. On average, people pay $40-60 per hour depending on how long they’re in there for but some places also charge by session instead which can cost up to $100+. Normally a session is between 60-90 minutes depending on the place you go to but can also be longer or shorter.

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