Do portable saunas really work

Portable saunas can be a really good way to increase the body’s core temperature, as they emit heat from an external external source. Hot air produces radiant energy that is transferred by conduction and convection to the body. This transfer of energy decreases the thermal conductivity of air and evaporates water which then circulates in counter-current flow with hot air creating additional radiant effect to warm up the body tissues surrounding these vessels. This increases metabolic activity, causing a faster skin temperature regulation which helps pass out toxins more efficiently through sweat sweat since it is denser than regular water vapor so it sticks closer to our skin. Conversely, cold air can make us shiver or have goosebumps at times because when we are cold, our bodies want to move heat away from the body and the muscles contract in an internal process. The contraction of muscle fibers pulls on bones and activates receptors for pain located at each joint so we can shiver or have goosebumps but this also depletes energy reserves which means that a cold environment causes more rapid fatigue as opposed to a hot one.

We often refer to hot and cold phenomena in terms of how we are affected by temperature changes. Temperatures below or above the average body temperature will cause our internal processes to react to maintain homeostasis, but it is not always easy for us to feel like our environment is too cold or too hot. A portable Riga sauna can help in adjusting to the right internal temperature needed for muscle recovery after a workout and help with daily cleansing routines.  Even though portable saunas can be carried, they are not always considered as such because of their weight, size or even price which makes them extremely beneficial even in regular homes or offices.

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