The Southern Bridge is presently the biggest construction project in Latvia and its capital city – Riga. In terms of work volume it can only be compared to the Salu tilts (Island Bridge) that was built in the seventies.

A new bridge is greatly needed in Riga since previously built crossings of the Daugava River are no longer capable of meeting the demands of the developing and continuously growing urban traffic flow. The new Southern Bridge is an essential part of Riga’s infrastructure which will contribute to improving the city transport system and reducing traffic jams.   Large bridges are not built often in the world and each such bridge construction project is both a challenge and a great satisfaction for all who are involved – both Riga Municipality and the builders, as well as each inhabitant of Riga. This new bridge will be a project we all will be proud of and just like all previous bridges over the Daugava it will become a bright milestone.